Meet the Cubs

In a tiny corner of the world (where exactly will not be pinpointed for the Cubs’ privacy), lives a family of bears.

Cub Cub is the youngest cub in the family. She is also the smallest. She hoped that she would at least outgrow Mama, but that never happened. Cub Cub is alright with that though, because she loves Mama a lot.

Dancey Cub is Cub Cub’s Big Sis and bear superstar. When she is not travelling around the globe with her performing arts troupe, she is hibernating at home or signing autographs at the local supermarket.

Sassy Cub is Cub Cub’s Mama and three-time winner of the international Bear Growl Championship. She is also the founder and president of the Dancey Cub and Cub Cub fan clubs, both of which Papa is an automatic member.

Cutie Cub is Cub Cub’s Papa and her number two cutie-pie (second only to baby bears). He keeps up with all the latest bear series and cracks a joke whenever he can. When he does, Cub Cub laughs, sometimes genuinely, sometimes out of pity.

Queen Cub is Cub Cub’s Grandma and is also most likely, a government spy. Once, late at night when the other bears were sleeping, Cub Cub caught her Grandma climbing up a rope ladder attached to a helicopter. Before Cub Cub could say anything, Grandma shook her head and put her paw on her lips. And Cub Cub knew that it would be a secret between her and Grandma forever.

And so, this is the Cub family. Sometimes, they fight. Always, they love. Cub Cub feels that she is surrounded by the best bears in the world. And anyone who says otherwise will just have to face her Grandma.

*Author’s notes: So, this piece is very different from the ones I’ve posted so far – I hope you’re not too surprised! Someone asked me if I write funny stories, and I guess this is my attempt at one (Cub Cub may or may not be me). You can enjoy it on Commaful too! Happy reading 🙂

*Photo by anthony renovato on Unsplash

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