I have never been one
To explore

Here, on this side
It is safe
I know exactly
What we were
And what we are now
And most of the time
It is enough

But, sometimes
When your embrace
Feels exceptionally warm
Exceptionally long
Like a whisper of what could be
I find myself
On the other side
And I am never quite sure
If I am longing
Or waiting

And, so easily
I return
To the side
Where I know for sure
That I will never lose your embrace
Lukewarm, but gentle still
Fleeting, but here still
This makes sense
This is safe
And most of the time
It is enough

*Author’s notes: Where there is a very thin line between friendship and something more – where the latter is unexplored territory, carrying with it both uncertainty and promise. Where crossing that line is the scariest and bravest thing a person can do. A poem based on Day Thirteen’s prompt from – to write about something mysterious and spooky. The image attached to this post will probably make more sense on Commaful, so do check this poem out there as well 😀 Happy writing and reading!

*Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

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