There is a world
Whose natives embody magic
Where weightless motion is language
Every slight curve, a word
Meaning tangles and untangles
As bodies spiral
To connect
With such a one as I
And I, with my feet rooted on solid ground
On what I perceive to be solid ground
I perceive again that I am the outsider
I perceive again that I must be living in the wrong dimension

*Author’s notes: I recently saw an aerial dance performance by a troupe called Bandaloop. It was breathtakingly beautiful – so much so that I felt I was transported to their world, where our vertical is their horizontal. That performance is the inspiration for today’s poem, which I wrote based on NaPoWriMo.net‘s Day 22 prompt (that is, to write a poem that engages with another art form). You can also check this piece out on Commaful. Happy reading everyone! 

*Photo by Robert Collins on Unsplash

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