“I’m young. Relatively, that is. And she’s younger, and I feel so stupid doing this. But because I have such an insufferable need to do well in school, I never pass up the chance for extra credits. So here I am, on this bench, asking questions and taking notes with my notebook. I’m fifteen, and she’s five.”

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Hi, Wilson

“And that’s it. That’s how you know. You know, because the identification code tattooed across your chest begins to look a lot less like a bunch of alphabets and numbers strung together, and a lot more like a single coherent word.”

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It’s a rhetorical question

“I know what you’re going to ask me when I hear what sounds like Mozart pressing on piano keys for the first time – slow, uncertain, out of beat. Then, falling into rhythm, into erratic genius, announcing the reign of wind and mist and fog as they descend upon us like a cloudy dreamland – the good and the bad kind”

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Meet the Cubs

“Sometimes, they fight. Always, they love. Cub Cub feels that she is surrounded by the best bears in the world. And anyone who says otherwise will just have to face her Grandma”

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“The only aspect of this universe I have ever found to be profoundly beautiful were stars. I’m talking about the ones in the pictures, of course. We haven’t had stars in ages”

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